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DC’s Stargirl reportedly wraps Season 2 filming

by Conor O'Brien
DC's Stargirl

According to recent Twitter rumours, DC’s Stargirl has wrapped filming for its second season, which is expected to air later in 2021.

Brec Bassinger (Bella and the Bulldogs) stars in the lead role of Courtney Whitmore. An ordinary teenage girl, Courtney becomes the superheroine Stargirl after relocating from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska.

The series is created and executive produced by DC powerhouse Geoff Johns, who has developed/co-developed other superhero shows on The CW, including The Flash.

In addition to his duties on DC’s Stargirl, Johns also created the Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore character for DC Comics, inspired by his own late sister, Courtney Johns, who died in the TWA 800 plane crash in New York City.

DC's Stargirl
DC’s Stargirl – Image courtesy of DC Universe/The CW

The first season revolved around Courtney’s development, both as a superhero and newly-minted member of a blended family, growing accustomed to her surroundings.

Over the course of the thirteen episodes, which aired between May and August 2020, Courtney grew close to her stepfather Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson), also known as former Justice Society of America sidekick Stripesy.

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She also began recruiting members for a new incarnation of the JSA, to battle the villainous Injustice Society of America (ISA). The malevolent faction was led by Icicle, otherwise known as powerful Blue Valley resident Jordan Mahkent (Neil Jackson).

The first season starred an ensemble cast featuring Bassinger, Wilson, Jackson, Trae Romano (Mike Dugan), Jake Austin Walker (Henry King Jr.), Hunter Sansone (Cameron Mahkent) and Amy Smart (Barbara Whitmore), among others.

They will be joined in Season 2 by former Arrow star Nick Tarabay, playing the new villain Eclipso. Recurring cast members Jonathan Cake and Alkoya Brunson will portray The Shade and Jakeem Thunder, respectively.

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