Billy Crudup has vacated the role of Henry Allen, father of the Flash, in DC’s upcoming feature film centered on the character…

The Flash may be returning on the big screen in DC Comics’ Extended Universe (DCEU), as helmed by Andrés Muschietti, but at least one actor will not be joining him.

After playing the role of Henry Allen, father to Barry Allen/The Flash in Justice League (2017), actor Billy Crudup has exited the role ahead of The Flash. Deadline and several other outlets reported the news on Friday, March 12.

Crudup is known for his roles in films such as Big Fish, Mission Impossible III, Almost Famous, Spotlight, Watchmen and The Stanford Prison Experiment. Additionally, the actor also won a Tony Award (2007) for his performance as Vissarion Belinsky in Ton Stoppard’s The Coast of Utopia.

Billy Crudup’s involvement with the Henry Allen character dates back to 2016, when he was initially cast for the role. Crudup had been expected to return alongside Ezra Miller as The Flash, as well as Kiersey Clemons as Iris West.

Billy Crudup
Image courtesy of Luke Fontanta

So, why did Billy Crudup leave a franchise which he had spent several years being attached to? The answer, it seems, is that the situation was out of Crudup’s control.

As well as his film work, Crudup also has a series regular role on the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show (starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, among others).

Digital Spy and several other sources have confirmed filming for the show’s upcoming second season made Crudup unable to commit to playing Henry Allen in The Flash.

Although Billy Crudup has left the film; Miller, Clemons and new addition Maribel Verdú are still signed on, with the latter recently cast as Flash’s mother, Nora Allen. reported that recasting for the role of Henry Allen is already underway.

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