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Stargirl Season 2: 10 Characters who are returning

by Conor O'Brien
Stargirl Season 2

Geoff Johns’ long anticipated Stargirl television series made its debut in May 2020 on DC Universe and The CW. The show’s 13-episode first season came to an end in August, leaving several questions on fans’ minds. Namely, “When will Stargirl Season 2 be on screen? Who’s coming back?”

Not all of the Season 1 characters survived until the end of the freshman run. It seems that most, if not all, of those who didn’t die will be back for Season 2. Let’s take a look at who will be waiting in Blue Valley when the show returns.

1. Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl

Stargirl Season 2
Courtney Whitmore – Image courtesy of DC Universe/The CW

Considering she is the lead/title character of the show, it comes as no surprise that Brec Bassinger will be back as teen superhero Courtney Whitmore in Stargirl Season 2. Courtney’s journey in the first season very much dealt with acceptance – her new life in Blue Valley as Pat Dugan’s stepdaughter, as well as the harsh realities that come with being a superhero, in contrast to Courtney’s more idealised perspective, at least initially.

In an August 2020 interview with Collider, Bassinger said of Season 2: ” I’m genuinely so excited about everything, but right now, I’m thinking about the JSA and getting my team back together, and getting to work with Cameron [Gellman], Anj [Washington] and Yvette [Monreal] again. We have so much fun, all of us in our supersuits and sweating, but loving every second of it. I just can’t wait to get that team back together.”

2. Pat Dugan/STRIPE

Stargirl Season 2
Pat Dugan – Image courtesy of DC Universe/The CW

Luke Wilson certainly made the role of Pat Dugan his own in Season 1, with showrunner Geoff Johns having crafted the role with Wilson in mind. After delving into a period in his life that he thought was over, as well as adjusting to being a family man, Pat will be back in Stargirl Season 2, with Wilson playing the character once again.

Similarly to Bassinger, Luke Wilson also shared his early thoughts about Season 2 in an interview with Collider: ” was in Geoff’s office and I was just sitting there. He wasn’t even in there, and he had this big writing board on the wall with all of this stuff on there. I was like, “What is all this stuff? Who are these characters?” It was filled with notes and numbers, and this name, and that plot point. I was getting scared and wondering, “Do I not know about this? Am I missing something? How am I gonna learn this? What is this?” And Geoff walked in and was like, “Oh, that’s Season 2.” I was like, “you’re already working on Season 2?” And he was like, “Yeah, I just had some ideas and started putting them down.”

3. Barbara Whitmore

Stargirl Season 2
Barbara Whitmore – Image courtesy of The CW

After spending most of Season 1 in the dark about her daughter’s secret superhero antics, Amy Smart’s Barbara Whitmore is up to speed going into Stargirl Season 2. Barbara didn’t have an easy time in Season 1 – imagine finding out your boss was a psychopath who later tried to kill you? Or, being reunited with your ex-boyfriend, who left you as a single mother.

In late October, Smart shared pictures on Instagram of herself and Brec Bassinger from their first day back on set.

4. Mike Dugan

Mike Dugan – Image courtesy of DC Universe and The CW

Courtney’s younger stepbrother Mike Dugan (played by Trae Romano) initially resisted moving to Blue Valley, preferring the life he had in Los Angeles. After being in Blue Valley for a while, Mike seemed to settle more into the town, but felt neglected by his father Pat, who was spending more time with Courtney. While it wasn’t the easiest of times for Mike, he did get his epic moment at the very end of Season 1.


Trae Romano, of course, will be back as Mike for Stargirl Season 2. Much like his co-star Amy Smart, the young actor also shared early pictures from the Season 2 set on Instagram.

5. Yolanda Montez/Wildcat

Yolanda Montez – Image courtesy of DC Universe and The CW

Formerly a popular student, Yolanda Montez suffered an intense humiliation at the hands of Cindy Burman and her own now-ex boyfriend, Henry King Jr. By the time Courtney Whitmore arrived in Blue Valley, she was a regular at the ‘singles’ table, with none of her former friends sticking by her. With Courtney’s guidance, Yolanda becomes the superhero known as Wildcat and a pivotal part of the New JSA.

Yvette Monreal will be back as Yolanda for the second season. In September 2020, Monreal was among the Stargirl cast members to take part in the DC Fandome panel. The cast also assembled for New York Comic Con, alongside Geoff Johns.

6. Rick Tyler/Hourman

Rick Tyler – Image courtesy of DC Universe/The CW

Aside from Courtney Whitmore, delinquent outcast Rick Tyler also went through a major transformation in Season 1. By becoming Hourman, a mantle once held by his murdered father Rick was able to continue his Rex’s legacy while also finding new friends and a surrogate family within the New JSA.

Cameron Gellman will reprise his role as Rick in Stargirl Season 2. Will remain the sole male young superhero in the New JSA? Only time will tell.

7. Beth Chapel/Dr Mid-Nite

Beth Chapel (Image courtesy of DC Universe and The CW)

When the audience first met Beth Chapel in the pilot episode, she was a friendly although socially oblivious girl who was very close to her parents. Now, going into Stargirl Season 2, Beth has developed close friendships with Courtney, Yolanda and Rick by being Dr. Mid-Nite in the New JSA protecting Blue Valley, Nebraska.

Much like her onscreen teammates, actress Anjelika Washington will be back alongside many of the other cast members to reprise her role as Beth.

8. Cindy Burman/Shiv

Cindy Burman (Image courtesy of DC Universe and The CW)

Upon first glance, you would think that Cindy Burman, played by Meg DeLacy, is the classic high school ‘Mean Girl’: rude, entitled and only concerned with herself. However, it is later revealed that Cindy has had a long, complicated past involving the ISA and more specifically, her father Dragon King… an issue which she ultimately takes into her own hands.

Seeing as Cindy, also known as Stargirl’s nemesis Shiv *Spoiler Alert* survived Season 1 and played a crucial role in one of the cliffhangers, it is pretty clear that she will be back. Who’s looking forward to seeing Courtney and Cindy face off in the future?

9. Cameron Mahkent/Icicle Jr

Cameron Mahkent (Image courtesy of DC Universe and The CW)

While he has not yet reached the mantle of ‘Icicle Jr’ in the show, Jordan Mahkent’s teenage son, Cameron, is an important DC Comics character under that name. In this iteration, as portrayed by Hunter Sansone, he is also an aspiring artist and a potential love interest for Courtney.


As *Spoiler Alert* Cameron is left without a father in the Season 1 finale, it will be interesting to see where Season 2 picks up with him. And just in case, for whatever reason, you thought the show may be writing him out – Hunter Sansone shared pictures on set with Yvette Monreal for Season 2.

10. Sylvester Pemberton/Starman

Sylvester Pemberton (DC Universe/The CW)

Perhaps the biggest spoiler of all on this, Joel McHale’s character Sylvester Pemberton (also known as Starman) was thought to have been dead in present-day throughout Season 1. However, the character made a surprise return in the finale, leaving more questions than answers.

How exactly McHale-as-Sylvester will play into Season 2 remains, as of now, a mystery. Will he get the opportunity to interact with his successor, Courtney? Reunite with his old friend Pat Dugan? The possibilities are endless.

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