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Is a Hamilton star on The Masked Singer Season 4?

by Conor O'Brien

With his powerful vocals, the performer behind Serpent on The Masked Singer is surely a frontrunner in the competition. Fans think it could be a performer from Hamilton. Are you convinced?

Season 4 of The Masked Singer is full of wild and wacky characters – there’s a Gremlin, Squiggly Monster, Whatchamacallit and even a Baby Alien puppet. However, at the end of the day, these performers are there to sing. It’s in the show’s title, after all.

One of the new costumes, Serpent, made his debut in Week 2 of the season as part of ‘Group B’. He (the gender being the only certainty as of now) performed a moving rendition of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles”, by The Proclaimers. For this reason, fans of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton believe one of their own is secretly Serpent.

Mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played the title role, is not under suspicion. Nor is Snowpiercer star Daveed Diggs, who did double duty as both Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Instead, the focus has been narrowed down to two names: Leslie Odom, Jr (Aaron Burr) and Christopher Jackson (George Washington).

Image courtesy of FOX

Let’s take a look at the clues. In their first ever clue package on September 30, Serpent revealed the following:

  • The “prescription number” to their identity is #31118. Clearly significant to the mystery celebrity.
  • Serpent was eating a banana in a library. In the background were books titled Serpent Manual and How To Dig Yourself Out of Debt.
  • It took a ‘miraculous chain of events’ for Serpent to get to The Masked Singer.
  • A map of the Caribbean was shown.

There are clear references to Hamilton in those clues – intentional or not – and it makes sense why fans are guessing stars from the musical. For example, Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant from the Caribbean, ‘Manual’ could be a nod to Lin-Manuel Miranda and ‘Dig Yourself Out of Debt’ may possibly refer to co-star Daveed Diggs.

A fan on Twitter shared their guess that Leslie Odom, Jr. could be under the mask: “This is the first time I’ve felt sure enough to make a guess publicly: Serpent is Aaron Burr, Sir, Leslie Odom Jr. Caribbean map, doctor stuff (he was a doctor “Murder on the Orient Express”), Serpent Sr.” Another added: “I’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for three months straight so if the serpent isn’t Leslie Odom Jr, I will eat my hair.”

Another viewer, this time on Reddit, also voiced their support for Odom Jr being behind the mask: “I think it’s Leslie Odom Jr, he’s left handed and so is serpent and if you watch one of Leslie’s live concerts its so similar, if it not it him I will be shocked.”

Meanwhile, other Hamilton fans have turned their attention to Christopher Jackson, who played the role of George Washington. Interestingly, Jackson has already denied involvement with the show on multiple occasions – a tactic used in the past by celebrities who really were on The Masked Singer, to throw people off.

One Twitter commenter directly addressed the two Hamilton guesses by saying: “Y’all are crazy. If anything, Serpent is Christopher Jackson and NOT Leslie Odom Jr.” Another said: “SERPENT IS CHRISTOPHER JACKSON!! again, I’d bet all the money.”

Seeing as how The Serpent has proved he’s a strong singer, it will likely be several weeks until his true identity is finally revealed. Do you think it’s Odom Jr, Jackson or someone else entirely?

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