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Brian Austin Green: Is he on The Masked Singer?

by Conor O'Brien
Brian Austin Green

Season 4 of The Masked Singer has begun and Group A has been introduced. Is former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green under one of the masks this season?

Since launching in January 2019 on FOX, The Masked Singer has seen a number of celebrities anonymously take part, with the likes of T-Pain, Wayne Brady, Kandi Burruss, Donny Osmond, Seal, and more donning elaborate costumes.

On September 23, the series returned for its fourth season. The first 5 costumes were introduced as ‘Group A’ and consisted of Giraffe, Sun, Popcorn, Snow Owls, and Dragon, with the latter revealed as legendary rapper Busta Rhymes. However, with only 4 Group A masks still in play, fans have been trying to deduce the remaining identities.

Giraffe has been one of the more intriguing characters to try and figure out. Although his dress sense reminded fans of Hamilton, the masked performer subverted expectations by performing “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas and rapping.

Brian Austin Green
Image courtesy of FOX

A name that has been suggested online as a possibility for Giraffe’s identity is actor, rapper, and producer Brian Austin Green, who is best known for playing David Silver on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Taking to Reddit, user Savageo9872 explored the theory in detail, including lining up how Green, who also starred in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, fit the clues given by the Giraffe in the first episode. “They sound similar and he had a failed rap career, his CD was called One Stop Carnival.” The Reddit sleuth continued:”His parents were musicians, he has been on so many TV shows including Knots Landing (clue in the video), has competed and won races in street racing. He has something in common with a giant, the Green Giant (last name).”

This online detective also took their suggestion to another train of thought. Season 4’s line-up on The Masked Singer have appeared in over 5,000 episodes of television, which Brian Austin Green could possibly contribute to: “He was on 10 seasons of 90210 plus a million other shows and I think a lot of his appearances could count towards the TV total this season.”

Do you think Brian Austin Green is behind the mask? Time will tell until we find out. As per The Futon Critic, Group A returns to The Masked Singer for their playoffs on October 7th, on FOX.

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