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10 Possible ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 Contestants

by Conor O'Brien

The Masked Singer will return for season 4 on September 23, with the contestants’ identities, as usual, a mystery. Here are 10 possible names who could appear in the upcoming season.

Since its January 2019 premiere on FOX, The Masked Singer has welcomed a variety of celebrity names to don elaborate costumes – actors, singers, television hosts and politicians being some examples over the last three seasons. A new batch of anonymous singers will debut soon and since the latest contest hasn’t started yet, it’s anyone’s guess as to who they could be. Multiple new costumes have been revealed ahead of the premiere on September 23.

With the alumni being such an eclectic group of personalities and professions, it’s difficult for a formula to determine who will be serenading judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong, as well as host Nick Cannon. Let’s take a look at who could possibly be on The Masked Singer stage in Season 4.

10. Johnny Knoxville – Actor/Stunt Performer

The Masked Singer
Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville is best known for his work in the Jackass franchise, which began in 2000 as a television series on MTV and ran for three seasons. Between 2003-2010, Knoxville and his co-stars appeared in three Jackass film installments.

As it happens, Knoxville was a guess for multiple characters on The Masked Singer Season 3 but ended up not being on the show. Furthermore, Knoxville also has a connection to Tony Hawk (Elephant on Season 3) due to the professional skateboarder being a recurring presence on Jackass. Whether any of this could be strong enough to get Knoxville on the show is unclear. However, we will know in due course.

9. Bjork – Singer/Actress

The Masked Singer

Icelandic singer Bjork (full name Bjork Guðmundsdóttir) has had a career lasting over four decades after beginning her life in capital city, Reykjavik. The Masked Singer is no stranger to having well-established singers grace the stage with such examples including Gladys Knight, Donny Osmond, Seal and Chaka Khan.

Throughout the second season, judge Ken Jeong persistently guessed Bjork as being the Flower – who was later revealed as Patti LaBelle. Wrong guesses have gotten people onto the show in the past. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen again?

8. Joey Lawrence – Actor/Musician

The Masked Singer
Joey Lawrence

Actor Joey Lawrence is recognisable for his roles on sitcoms such as Melissa and Joey, Blossom, Gimme A Break and Brotherly Love, each time playing a character named either Joe or Joey.

Aside from acting, Lawrence has done the reality TV circuit, participating in Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Big Brother as well as hosting Splash. These past experiences combined with Lawrence’s musical talents, could possibly mean that he would take part in The Masked Singer. Is he in Season 4, however?

7. Sarah Hyland – Actress (Modern Family)

The Masked Singer
Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland recently finished an 11-season run on ABC sitcom Modern Family, where she played the role of Haley Dunphy. This means that her schedule is considerably less crowded than it had been during previous seasons of The Masked Singer.

Back in Season 3, people thought that Hyland may have been behind ‘Kitty’ (later exposed as America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho) before the actress shut down the rumours herself in an Instagram story: “I’m catching up on The Masked Singer, and I just watched the package for the Kitty. I can really see why you guys think it’s me because…a lot of her clues…I can relate, I can relate.” 

From this comment, we know that Hyland has watched the show at least once, if not more. Fans also know that she is a capable vocalist. Could this be Hyland’s year on the show?

6. Darren Criss – Actor/Singer

The Masked Singer
Darren Criss

Familiar to many for his roles on Glee, American Crime Story and Starkid Productions, Darren Criss is another name that the judges have guessed in previous seasons. In this case, he was believed to be the Rottweiler, right up until that character was unmasked as Chris Daughtry.

Taking to Twitter, countless fans who recognised Criss’ singing voice disagreed. One wrote: “If any of these judges watched Glee they’d know that’s not Darren Criss” while another added: “No way the Rottweiler is Darren Criss. Only Chris Daughtry’s unique gorgeous voice sounds like he’s gargling fine-ground glass with the smoothest of Kentucky whiskey bourbon.”

Of course, Criss spent five years working for FOX on Glee, with the network now also airing The Masked Singer. Assuming FOX and Criss didn’t part on bad terms, this could be another reason why Criss would do the show.

5. Sabrina Bryan – Actress/Singer/Dancer

The Masked Singer
Sabrina Bryan

Much like Joey Lawrence, actress and singer Sabrina Bryan has also taken part in Dancing With The Stars. In fact, Bryan has appeared on that show twice – first in Season 5 and once in Season 15 as an ‘All Star’. Former Dancing With The Stars have showed up on The Masked Singer in the past but that is not the only reason why Bryan could potentially appear.

Between 2002-2008, Bryan was a member of girl group The Cheetah Girls, who also starred in three Disney Channel Original films. Not one but two of her former bandmates/co-stars – Adrienne Bailon and Raven-Symone appeared in Season 2 of The Masked Singer, albeit separately.

4. Seth MacFarlane – Actor, Writer, Family Guy creator

The Masked Singer
Seth MacFarlane

Multi-talented creative professional Seth MacFarlane has a long, tenured relationship with FOX. He’s the creator of Family Guy, a long-running animated sitcom on which he also voices characters including Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin and Glenn Quagmire. MacFarlane has also created other shows for FOX, such as American Dad, The Cleveland Show and The Orville.

On top of being an actor/writer, MacFarlane is also a singer, showcased in his animated shows by performing in different voices. Additionally, he was also theorised to be Season 3’s Frog before the character sang a note, which would be another example of a wrong guess coming on to the show.

3. Kevin Jonas – Singer/Entrepeneur

The Masked Singer
Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas is the oldest member of the Jonas Brothers. Singing alongside his brothers Joe and Nick, they are a family boy band that first achieved success in the mid-2000s through Disney Channel and later reunited in 2019, becoming more mainstream recording artists. Like the aforementioned Darren Criss, Kevin Jonas was another incorrect Rottweiler guess.

There are two key things that Kevin has in common with several past contestants. One, he has young kids who would get a kick of their Dad being on the show. Two, although Kevin is in the public eye with his brothers, he has been the least focused on. Doing something like this would give the spotlight to the oldest Jonas Brother, for a change.

2. Tamar Braxton – Singer/Actress/TV Personality

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton

Singer Tamar Braxton first became known as a member of The Braxtons, a girl group formed with her sisters Toni, Towanda, Trina, and Traci. Braxton has been actively pursuing a solo singing career since 2013, beginning with the release of her album Love and War. Like many others on this list, she has been an incorrect Masked Singer guess, being mistaken for Penguin, who turned out to be comedian Sherri Shepherd.

Braxton has also taken part in reality TV before, winning the second season of Celebrity Big Brother in early 2019. Additionally, Braxton was a co-host on daytime talk show The Real between 2013-2016. One of her co-hosts was Adrienne Bailon, who, as already mentioned, took part in Season 2 – doing quite well.

1. Neil Patrick Harris – Actor/Comedian/Singer

The Masked Singer
Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has been on television from a young age, playing the title role on Doogie Howser, MD. Later, he played womaniser Barney Stinson for nine seasons on the CBS comedy series How I Met Your Mother and nefarious Count Olaf in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. One show that he hasn’t appeared on, as of yet, is The Masked Singer.

All the way back in Season 1, Harris was a top contender to be the Peacock – later revealed to be veteran performer Donny Osmond – with many clues fitting both men. With Harris having such a broad range of talent – acting, singing, and comedy – seeing him utilise his talents on The Masked Singer would be incredible. If this were to pass, the Harold and Kumar actor would be a serious threat in the competition.

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