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The Masked Singer Season 3: Review/Recap

by Conor O'Brien

Season three of The Masked Singer ended in May and featured a variety of eclectic contestants. Read on for Courageous Nerd‘s opinion of the season. This article contains spoilers.

After finishing its second season in December 2019, The Masked Singer returned for round three on February 2, 2020. This was less than two months between the two seasons. Was this too much? Perhaps. The ardent fans of the show would have appreciated it, however.

When comparing each of the three seasons so far, this one has very clear differences. Perhaps most notably, the larger amount of the contestants (18) and the new ‘groups’ system that had been introduced. The latter involved splitting the celebrities into smaller playing fields of six, with the top three from each group becoming the ‘Super Nine’.

More so than previous seasons, The Masked Singer Season 3 seemed more concerned with ‘star power’ or recognisability once the masks came off. For example, alumni such as Ricki Lake, Dr. Drew Pinsky or Johnny Weir may not have been at the forefront of many viewers’ minds. This both helped and hurt the season – after all, bigger names do not guarantee good singing voices.

The group system was also flawed, to an extent. By the time that the Super Nine episodes started airing in April, the Group A representatives, Kangaroo, Turtle and White Tiger, had not been seen since February. This meant that fans had to somewhat readjust to these performers, having not seen them for so long, in competition terms.

Sarah Palin is unmasked as ‘Bear’ (Image: FOX)

Group A had a varied range of musical and performing talents. It consisted of Kangaroo, Miss Monster, Llama, Turtle, Robot and White Tiger. While some were clearly professional singers, others were there to have a good time.

The very first elimination of the season, Robot, was one of the show’s biggest reveals to date. Grammy Award winning Lil Wayne was under the mask and he got kicked off first. If that didn’t set the tone for the The Masked Singer season 3, what would?

Following Lil Wayne out of the competition was Llama, revealed as Drew Carey and Miss Monster, who was exposed as music legend Chaka Khan. All three put on enjoyable performances and it was a shame to see them go.

Meanwhile, the remaining three contestants made up the first third of the Super Nine. Unless the formula is reused, this method of elimination will always be connected with The Masked Singer Season 3.

Bret Michaels was exposed as Banana (Image: FOX)

Group B were next, with their ranks made up of Kitty, Mouse, Frog, Elephant, Taco and Banana. As it turned out, the majority of this group worked in music for a living or had some connection to the entertainment industry.

The first elimination was Elephant, unveiled as skateboarder Tony Hawk. This is an example of someone that you never expected to see on The Masked Singer. Although his vocals were not terrible, it was not strong enough for Hawk to advance further in the competition.

After Hawk, the next elimination was Dionne Warwick as Mouse. Similarly to Chaka Khan, seeing someone of Warwick’s pedigree be eliminated so early was a surprise. However, struggling to sing underneath the hot costume may be a contributing factor.

The final Group B departure before the Super 9 was Taco. This humanoid tortilla was revealed as Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron, revealing his little-known singing ability. From a personal standpoint, Bergeron was good enough to reach the Super Nine and fell just short.

Finally, there was Group C, which included Astronaut, Swan, T-Rex, Rhino, Bear and Night Angel. By the end of the season, it would be revealed that while some of these celebrities were involved in music, some were not, despite having good voices.

The first unmasking was Bear, or former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Although The Masked Singer in the UK already featured a politician, Palin is the first on the American version. Perhaps even more shocking was the fact that she rapped Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back.

Swan left next and was revealed as former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne, who starred in Shake It Up. Thorne starred in The DUFF (2015) opposite The Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong. The comedian incorrectly guessing her for Flamingo during season two was partly why Thorne eventually did The Masked Singer for season three.

Lastly, T-Rex was eliminated and unmasked as dancer and YouTube personality, JoJo Siwa, who was not only the youngest ever contestant on The Masked Singer but had previously worked with Nick Cannon.

Going into the Super Nine, the ever-passionate fans seemed certain on the remaining identities within the combined group of singers. As a reminder, there was Turtle, White Tiger and Kangaroo from Group A. Meanwhile, Frog, Banana and Kitty were from Group B and Rhino, Night Angel and Astronaut represented Group C.

From here on out, the eliminations started coming thick and fast. In fact, the first two unmaskings were both from Group A – White Tiger and Kangaroo, identified as NFL star Rob Gronkowski and reality TV personality Jordyn Woods, respectively.

Gronkowski’s White Tiger received criticism from fans for relying on rapping and dancing, rather than actual singing ability. On the other hand, Woods’ Kangaroo surprised both those who were and were not familiar with her by having a good singing voice.

As for where in the season these two were eliminated, this was the right time for both to leave. White Tiger was going to be voted off sooner rather than later, especially as there was a better rapper in the line-up. Additionally, even though Kangaroo had a good voice, she was competing against people who had been training theirs for years and had no chance.

Image: FOX

Next, Banana was revealed as Bret Michaels and this elimination had multiple other layers. Not only was Michaels’ longtime friend Sharon Osbourne appearing as a guest judge, the episode aired on the ten year anniversary of his brain haemorrhage. Considering he’s a professional singer, Michaels definitely had the potential to go further.

Leaving in sixth place was country singer Hunter Hayes, unmasked as Astronaut. Hayes was a guess for the character from very early on. During his time on the show, “Astro” was pitted against fellow heartthrob Turtle, in what made an entertaining sing-off.

Banana and Astro were two of this writer’s favourite contestants in the season and it was sad to see them both go relatively go. Nonetheless, they had and will continue to have successful careers after The Masked Singer, so all is not lost.

Kitty’s elimination in fifth place was a shocker, as she was one of the stronger singers. Even guest judge Gordon Ramsay had predicted that she would win. Yet another “plot twist” in The Masked Singer Season 3.

Her revelation as Jackie Evancho was another Nick Cannon connection, as Evancho competed on America’s Got Talent during his tenure as host. Although Evancho had already been predicted, seeing this reunion unfold was nice to see.

Rhino finishing in fourth place was another surprise – even to the singer themselves. Although he had good vocals, the clues had already been connected to former MLB star Barry Zito. Under normal circumstances, a baseball player would not outlast a recording artist in a singing competition.

However, The Masked Singer provided Zito with an outlet to show that he is able to sing and to be known for something else, outside of baseball.

Image: FOX

The final three of the The Masked Singer this season were Turtle, Frog and Night Angel. All had been consistently strong in their chosen areas, with Frog particularly focusing on rapping while the others sang powerful songs.

However, the rapping was not enough to save the well-dressed amphibian, as Frog finished in third place. He was revealed as Shad Moss, the rapper and actor better known as Bow Wow. It also happens that Frog, the character, was one of the earliest unveiled for season three. With that in mind, it was nice to see him go all the way to the final.

Season 3 Finalists (Image: FOX)

Turtle finished in second place and was unmasked as Jesse McCartney. Clues had pointed to McCartney’s past all season – his band Dream Street, voiceover roles in Kingdom Hearts and even an appearance in Fear The Walking Dead.

Although the name was familiar before this season, McCartney provided more insight into himself and his music. In the process, he gained a new fan from the experience.

The winner of the season was Night Angel. She was revealed as X-Scape member and star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss. Although Night Angel could definitely sing, some saw her victory as somewhat of a shocking decision. In fact, many people’s favourite was, in fact, Turtle.

While the fact that Night Angel won was definitely a surprise, that does not mean that Burruss did not deserve the victory. Considering the fact that Frog/Bow Wow was solely rapping, Night Angel would have been one of only two finalists in contention based on pure singing.

Ultimately, this was definitely an entertaining from The Masked Singer. There were twists, turns, surprises and drama to keep everyone engaged. Not bad for a reality competition on FOX.


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