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Stargirl Supporting Cast: Meet The Actors Behind Iconic DC Characters

by Conor O'Brien

Meet the actors starring alongside Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson in DC’s Stargirl.

DC’s Stargirl premiered in May. It is the newest addition to the Arrowverse. Geoff Johns created Stargirl. The writer also introduced the character in comic book print.

Brec Bassinger (Bella and the Bulldogs) stars in the title role of Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl. She is a member of a new blended family.

Noted star Luke Wilson (Old School) plays her stepfather/sidekick, Pat Dugan. A mechanic by trade, Pat operates a robot named S.T.R.I.P.E.

The series also features Amy Smart (Just Friends) as Barbara Whitmore, Courtney’s mother and Pat’s wife.

Bassinger, Wilson and Smart are already well established names. The majority of the cast, however, are brand new faces. They are either debuting or receiving their first major role.

Courtney and Yolanda Stargirl
The CW/DC Universe

Actors Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman and Anjelika Washington star as Stargirl’s future allies in the New Justice Society of America.

Yolanda Montez (Monreal) is Wildcat, Rick Tyler (Gellman) is Hourman and Beth Chapel (Washington) is Dr. Mid-Nite, adopting their aliases from members of the late, original JSA. The trio appeared in a cameo on Legends of Tomorrow during Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Trae Romano plays the role of Mike Dugan. He’s an average video-game loving teenager. Mike is also completely unaware that his father and step-sister are secretly superheroes.

Courtney has two male classmates to watch out for. Jake Austin Walker as Henry King, Jr. He is Blue Valley High’s star football player. There’s also Hunter Sansone as Cameron Mahkent, an aspiring artist who is more connected to the plot than he realises.

Additionally, Meg DeLacy portrays Cindy Burman, Blue Valley High’s star cheerleader and the girlfriend of Henry King Jr.

The CW/DC Universe

Of course, what would any superhero series be without villains? Stargirl has plenty. Some are hiding in plain sight as ordinary citizens, rather than in the shadows.

Leading the charge of the Injustice Society is English actor Neil Jackson. He plays Jordan Mahkent, secretly the villainous Icicle. Jordan is also father of the aforementioned Cameron, played by Sansone.

Just like Cameron, Henry King Jr. also has a father on the bad guys’ side. His dad, Dr. Henry King Sr. is the mind reading villain Brainwave. Australian actor Christopher James Baker plays Brainwave. He has previously appeared in other comic book series; Agents of Shield and Gotham.

Lost alum Neil Hopkins has a guest starring role. The actor played Charlie’s brother in Liam in flashbacks. On Stargirl, he plays a character named Larry “Crusher” Crock. As of now, he has appeared as an intense gym owner. However, Crusher Crock is a villain known as Sportsmaster in DC Comics.

While he has only appeared as an intense gym owner thus far, Crock is a villain known as Sportsmaster in DC Comics lore.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays on The CW

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