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Actor Spotlight #4 – Emma Watson – Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast

by Conor O'Brien

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson is the focus of Actor Spotlight #4.

Actor Spotlight is a feature in which the career of a singular actor is analysed. We discuss their life, career and the impact they had on their projects.

It may come as a surprise that one of the most beloved young English actresses of recent times was born in France.

Indeed, Emma Watson was born on 15 April 1990 in the French capital: Paris. Her parents were both English and also both Lawyers. Following their separation, Watson returned to the UK with her mother and brother, settling in Oxford.

Image: Warner Bros

By the age of 10, in the year 2000, Watson landed the coveted lead female role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series of films which spanned 2001 to 2011 in release dates. Hermione’s character evolution saw her evolve from an ostracised bossy know-it-all to an empowered, intelligent young woman whose intelligence is crucial in the final battle against evil.

Watson became known for her similarities to the character, such as their shared academic prowess, being the only of the three main actors to attend University; in her case, Brown University located in Providence, Rhode Island.

From watching interviews around the time of the initial films, it is clear that Watson, although trying hard, is doing much less of a performance, more an extension of her own personality. She is Hermione, rather than actor playing the part. This still exists to a lesser extent in the later films, though Watson’s acting became more sophisticated.

Image: Popsugar

Of course, after playing primarily one character for a decade, the image of that character becomes like super glue – hard to separate. Immediately after Harry Potter’s conclusion, Watson appeared in films not only vastly different from Potter but also from each other. These releases include: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), The Bling Ring and This Is The End (both 2013), Noah (2014), Regression (2015) and Beauty and the Beast (2017).

Aside from acting, Watson is also involved in Feminism, particularly the He for She Movement.

Make sure to check back in next time for the Fifth Edition of Actor Spotlight.

Hint: This actor played the loveable sidekick to a leading man and has a child named after them.

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