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The Masked Singer: A Subjective Ranking Of All 18 Season 3 Contestants

by Conor O'Brien

All of The Masked Singer season 3 contestants, ranked.

After eighteen long weeks, season three of The Masked Singer has come to a close. The identities of all eighteen celebrity contestants are now public knowledge. They range from musicians, athletes, dancers, reality television personalities and politicians.

With everyone now revealed, here is Courageous Nerd’s official ranking for the completed unmasked lineup. This is subjective or, in other words, based on personal opinion. It is not a representation of what general viewers should think or the only “accurate” point of view.

The ranking also encompasses the performances, costumes as well as the celebrity’s true identity under the mask. It goes without saying to not continue reading this post if you are behind on this season.

Without further ado…

18 – Mouse (Dionne Warwick)

Images: FOX/

Unfortunately, someone had to be in last place and it is Group B’s Mouse who has landed in that unlucky position.

Although legendary vocalist Dionne Warwick was under the mask, Mouse’s time on the show was somewhat underwhelming by only performing twice before elimination.

Source: FOX

As Mouse, Warwick sang “Get Here” by Oleta Adams and “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole, leaving the show during the Group B Playoffs.

This placement is no slight against Warwick personally. Her rendition of “What The Worlds Needs Now Is Love” alongside the finalists in tribute to medical workers was very moving.

17 – Elephant (Tony Hawk)

Images: FOX/

Elephant was also a Group B contestant and was eliminated after performing just one song; “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure.

Skateboarder Tony Hawk was revealed at the end of the episode, becoming the first person in his profession to appear on The Masked Singer.

Source: FOX

While Hawk’s sole performance was not awful, he is not a singer or performer. This is likely what led to his early exit.

16 – Llama (Drew Carey)

Images: FOX/

After his former Whose Line Is It Anyway co-star Wayne Brady’s success on The Masked Singer, comedian and host Drew Carey joined season three as Group A’s Llama.

Carey was entertaining in-costume during the brief time that he was on the show, providing decent vocals and utilising the unique costume, which included back legs.

Source: FOX

Carey also threw off the judges with confusing clues, leading to a surprising reveal.

15 – T-Rex (JoJo Siwa)

Images: FOX/

The youngest contestant to ever compete on The Masked Singer, JoJo Siwa’s T-Rex fell just short of the Super 9, being eliminated during the Group C Championships.

Unfortunately for Siwa, there were simply stronger vocalists/performers in Group C who deservedly advanced to the next stage of the competition.

Source: FOX

Nonetheless, Siwa still went down in The Masked Singer‘s history books, both for her youthfulness and high energy while performing on stage.

14 – Swan (Bella Thorne)

Images: FOX/

Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne competed as Swan in Group C, becoming the second member to be eliminated in the Playoffs.

A former co-star of judge Ken Jeong in The Duff, Thorne was the comedian/qualified doctor’s guess for Flamingo during the second season.

As Thorne had a relatively short run compared to other contestants, it’s harder to judge her compared to them, hence this ranking.

Source: FOX

13 – Robot (Lil Wayne)

Images: FOX/

Rapper Lil Wayne was the very first season three to be unmasked, in a shocking conclusion to the premiere episode following the Super Bowl. He later explained that he did the show for his children, choosing the Robot costume with them in mind.

Source: FOX

Since Lil Wayne only had one performance and was more of a stunt casting than a serious competitor, he gets this relatively low ranking despite his success.

12 – Miss Monster (Chaka Khan)

Images: FOX/

Miss Monster was a surprising elimination in the Group A Championships, losing out on a place in the Super 9 after competing for three weeks.

Chaka Khan was under the mask, joining Lil Wayne and Drew Carey as extremely recognisable faces having been revealed on the show during the third season.

While Miss Monster definitely had the singing ability (it was Chaka Khan after all) to advance, her short run, like many of the others on this list, put her lower than she probably deserves to be.

Source: FOX

11 – White Tiger (Rob Gronkowski)

Images: FOX/

Perhaps the most controversial contestant during season three, if not throughout the whole run of the show to date.

Despite having questionable singing and dancing abilities, White Tiger advanced all the way to the Super 9, until Rob Gronkowski was the first of this group to be unmasked.

Source: FOX

As White Tiger, Gronkowski was an entertaining performer who could get the crowd going. However, as this show is called The Masked Singer, his ranking reflects this.

10 – Bear (Sarah Palin)

Sarah Palin’s participation on The Masked Singer was a callback to the overall premise of the show – celebrities or well-known individuals having the freedom to do something they are not known for.

As Bear, Palin rapped (yes, rapped) Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” before being booted in the first Group C episode.

Source: FOX

Palin’s reveal brought back a certain level of shock and surprise that has made The Masked Singer viral in the past. This, combined with the contrast of her song choice and profession, puts her in this ranking.

9 – Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods)

Images: FOX/

Prior to appearing on The Masked Singer, Jordyn Woods’ claim to fame was her involvement with the Kardashian family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Woods advanced to the Super 9 from Group A, being the second person eliminated in this stage.

As Kangaroo alluded to in a clue package, Woods became known for the “wrong reasons”.

Source: FOX

This show allowed Woods to showcase her hidden talent for singing and to be associated with something that she could be proud of.

8 – Taco (Tom Bergeron)

Images: FOX/

Dancing With The Stars and former America’s Funniest Home Videos host Tom Bergeron was revealed as the man behind the Taco mask.

Although Bergeron did not advance to the Super 9, being eliminated in the Group B Championships, he displayed strong vocals during his time in the competition.

Source: FOX

This threw the judges off somewhat and also showed that he would have been deserving of a place in the Super 9. Bergeron was also able to poke fun at a popular judges’ (and later audience) guess for Taco, by including Bob Saget as a disguised guest in a clue package.

7 – Night Angel (Kandi Burruss)

Images: FOX/

Star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and member of R&B quartet XScape, Kandi Burruss emerged as the last remaining member of Group C and won a place in the Grand Final.

She would go on to prevail in the finale, becoming the first female winner.

Source: FOX

Similarly to season two contestants Kelly Osbourne and Seal, Burruss attempted to disguise her speaking voice by donning a faux accent, English in this case. However, this was seen through by judges and fans alike.

6 – Frog (Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss)

Images: FOX/

Rapper/actor Shad Moss – better known as Bow Wow or Lil Bow Wow, emerged as one of three finalists for this season of The Masked Singer, under the Frog mask. He finished the competition in third place.

Source: Fox

Bow Wow entertained the audience, viewers and judges by incorporating impressive dance moves into his performance. An early comparison was made between Frog and Fox (Wayne Brady), season 2’s winner.

However, while Bow Wow is a talented rapper, the show is called The Masked Singer and others showcased their vocal ability and range more often.

5 – Rhino (Barry Zito)

Images: FOX/

Former MLB pitcher turned musician Barry Zito made it all the way to the Semi Final under the Rhino mask, before being revealed only one week before the Final.

Zito, as Rhino, was a dark horse in the competition. He snuck up from behind to become a serious contender and held his own against full-time professional singers/recording artists who have been involved in music for much longer.

Source: FOX

As Robin Thicke said after Zito was unmasked, Rhino had an endearing emotional story, which also helped him be liked by fans of the show.

4 – Astronaut (Hunter Hayes)

Images: FOX/

As Astronaut, country music star Hunter Hayes reached the top six in season three before his time on The Masked Singer came to an end.

During his time on the show, Hayes experimented with dancing and choreography, won a face-off against Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods) and had a brief ‘Battle of the Hearthrobs’ against Turtle.

Source: FOX

Despite the mask not having a face, Astronaut (or Astro) became a beloved contestant due to Hayes’ emotion in the songs.

While sixth place out of eighteen is not an awful predicament, Hayes definitely had the potential to go further in the competition.

3 – Kitty (Jackie Evancho)

Images: FOX/

Jackie Evancho, operatic singer and the 2010 runner up of America’s Got Talent, was the celebrity contestant hiding under the Kitty mask.

Similarly to her nearest counterpart in the UK version of The Masked Singer, Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, Evancho disguised her natural singing voice to throw even her biggest fans off the scent – which she succeeded in doing, at least for a while.

Source: FOX

Although Evancho finished fifth, she also could have gone further in the competition as she had yet to showcase her natural singing voice under the mask.

2 – Banana (Bret Michaels)

Images: FOX/

Poison lead singer Bret Michaels was under the Banana mask. He reached the Super 9 and finished the competition in seventh place.

Michaels had previously been a guess for Eagle (Dr. Drew Pinsky) during the second season.

Throughout his time on The Masked Singer, Michaels poured a lot of emotion into the Banana. The song “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers was chosen by Michaels to perform as a tribute to his late father.

Source: FOX

Michaels’ unmasking also happened to air on the ten anniversary of his brain haemorrhage. In that episode, he sang “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan.

1 – Turtle (Jesse McCartney)

Images: FOX/

Teen heartthrob, singer, actor and former Dream Street member Jesse McCartney was singing under the Turtle mask, all the way to Final. However, he fell just short to the winner, Night Angel.

Source: FOX

As the show is called The Masked Singer, Turtle became a favourite of many due to his clear vocal talent. Before some had even deduced the exact identity, it was clear that he did this for a living.

McCartney’s story on The Masked Singer also mirrors that of the previous two winners, T-Pain and Wayne Brady, as a very accomplished person looking to reestablish themselves to their audience.

While he didn’t win the Golden Mask trophy, he seemed to have gained a new friend out of the experience as “the artist formerly known as Astronaut”, Hunter Hayes shared videos on Twitter of the two after the finale aired.

The Masked Singer is due to return in Fall 2020 for season four on FOX.

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