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The Masked Singer: Final Guesses For Night Angel, Frog and Turtle Heading Into The Season 3 Finale

by Conor O'Brien

Who will win The Masked Singer season 3? Who are behind the remaining masks?

As of writing, the season three finale of The Masked Singer is only hours away.

This epic conclusion will see the winner being announced and the final three contestants, at last, revealing their true identities.

Only Turtle, Frog and Night Angel remain in the running to win the show’s coveted ‘Golden Mask’ trophy. Previous winners include T-Pain (“The Monster”) and Wayne Brady (“The Fox)”

Who Is The Turtle? (Image: FOX)

Turtle was among the first celebrity contestants to debut this season, as a member of Group A. Throughout early February, he battled the likes of Miss Monster (Chaka Khan), Robot (Lil Wayne), Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods), Llama (Drew Carey) and White Tiger (Rob Gronkowski).

Even from the earliest moments of the character’s appearance in season three, fans have been sure that it is singer-songwriter and actor, Jesse McCartney under the mask.

Multiple clues have pointed to McCartney – referencing his former show Summerland, band Dream Street and roles in Kingdom Hearts and Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Is Jesse McCartney under the mask? (Image: Jesse McCartney/Instagram)

On May 18, McCartney also announced on Instagram that he would be releasing a new single titled ‘Friends’ on Wednesday, May 20… the same day that The Masked Singer finale airs.

Who is behind the Frog Mask? (Image: FOX)

Frog leaped over the other members of Group B to secure his spot in the Super 9 and later, the final. His opposition included Kitty (Jackie Evancho), Elephant (Tony Hawk), Mouse (Dionne Warwick), Banana (Bret Michaels) and Taco (Tom Bergeron).

It seems certain now that rapper Shad Moss (Bow Wow) is the man behind the mask. Clues have pointed to Bow Wow’s basketball film Like Mike, his impersonation on MTV’s Catfish and his former hosting role on 106 and Park, to name just a few examples.

Is the Frog really Bow Wow? (Image: Shad Moss/Instagram)

More recently, the judges, namely Robin Thicke and guest Jay Pharaoh, have also guessed Bow Wow as being behind the mask.

Who’s the voice of Night Angel? (Image: FOX)

Night Angel came down from above to join Group C, surpassing them all to become the only female in this year’s final.

Fans seem convinced that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is behind the mask. After all, Buruss is also a member of the band XScape, so she has proven singing ability.

Is Kandi Burruss the true identity of Night Angel? (Image: Kandi Burruss/Instagram)

Some of Night Angel’s clues include the mystery performer having to leave their safe place, a pitcher of sweet tea (hinting they’re from the South), surrounded by “other angels” (RHOA or XScape) and having been doing this since they were a teenager, which included missing out on prom.

Still undecided who’s behind the masks? Take a listen to these performances and clues to help you out.


Source: FOX
Source: FOX


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Night Angel

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Source: FOX

Season 3 of The Masked Singer concludes with the finale on May 20, airing on FOX.

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