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How Jackie Evancho Can Use ‘The Masked Singer’ Stint Going Forward In Her Career

by Conor O'Brien

Ten years after finishing as runner-up on America’s Got Talent, singer Jackie Evancho reunited with former AGT host Nick Cannon on a much different reality television series.

Evancho was revealed in the quarter-finals of The Masked Singer to have been the performer under the Kitty mask. This confirmed prevalent guesses across social media that the 20-year-old was the anonymous performer all along.

As Kitty, Evancho finished in fifth place on the third season, behind fellow performers Turtle, Frog, Night Angel and Rhino.

Other guesses included Vanessa Hudgens, Lucy Hale, Emma Roberts and Nicole Richie.

Courtesy of FOX

Now that Evancho is out of The Masked Singer, there is renewed attention of her music and career in general. Some saw her as an obscure choice of celebrity to be featured on the show and thus were not able to guess Evancho’s identity.

Having shown she can sing more than just the operatic style that made her famous, Evancho will no doubt have exciting opportunities awaiting her in the coming weeks and months. After the reveal, Evancho explained her motivation for doing the show as a way to separate herself from the 10-year-old girl that people still saw her as.

One of the judges, Robin Thicke, advised Evancho after her unmasking that she should “enjoy the time that [you’re] in right now” rather than worrying about what came before or what is to come.

You can follow Evancho on Twitter at @jackieevancho or on Instagram at @officialjackieevancho.

The Masked Singer continues with its semi-final episode on May 13, airing on FOX.

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