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The Flash: 5 Actors Who Could Replace Ezra Miller

by Conor O'Brien

Ezra Miller played Barry Allen/The Flash in 2017’s Justice League. He appeared alongside other classic DC Comics heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

In the three years since the film’s release, a solo Flash film has been in development with Miller expected to return. However, various obstacles have prevented the film from getting made. The current scheduled release date is July 1, 2022.

However, concerns around Miller himself have also played a factor in the film’s delay. Namely, his major role in another Warner Bros. franchise, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, where he plays Credence Barebone.

In early April 2020, a video surfaced of Miller appearing to choke a woman while at a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Should Miller be replaced for any of the above reasons, here are five choices for who could replace him.

1. Grant Gustin

Image: The CW/Warner Bros.

Let’s get this one out of the way.

Gustin has played Barry Allen on television for The CW since 2013. Initially on Arrow and then, the following year, received his own show titled The Flash.

Due to having played the part for so long, fans of the series are loyal towards Gustin and want him to continue on the big-screen. Even some of his co-stars have likewise endorsed Gustin.

However, multiple factors such as a busy full-time schedule and the fact that the film Flash is set in a different universe, prevent Gustin from taking on the role.

That being said, Gustin is a talented actor who could have taken the part under different circumstances.

2. Lucas Till

Image: Parade

Till has been a dream casting for comic book fans of The Flash due to him being an accurate depiction for how Barry Allen appears in this medium.

His previous film work includes X Men: First Class, Hannah Montana: The Movie and Monster Trucks.

Currently, Till plays the lead role of Angus ‘Mac’ McGyver on the reboot of the popular 1985-1992 action-adventure series which starred Richard Dean Anderson.

Like Gustin, Till’s TV commitments would make it unlikely that he would have enough time to do this film.

3. Tye Sheridan

Image: The Wrap

Sheridan has appeared in a number of acclaimed film projects, including Mud (with Matthew McConaughey), Joe (with Nicolas Cage), the X-Men film series (as Scott Summers/Cyclops) and as the lead, Wade Watts/Parzival in Ready Player One.

Interestingly, he starred alongside Miller in the Stanford Prison Experiment.

His age, body of work and experience would make him a top candidate for any major role, including The Flash.

4. Dacre Montgomery

Image: PopBuzz

Montgomery recently left the Netflix hit Stranger Things, after his character Billy Hargrove was killed off.

This newfound freedom allows the talented actor to explore opportunities that were not prevously available while contracted to the show.

Australian-born Montgomery has also already made his big screen debut, in 2017’s Power Rangers.

5. Nick Robinson

Image: Facebook

Robinson is known for his role as Ryder Scanlon on Melissa and Joey and various films including Jurassic World, Love, Simon, The 5th Wave and Kings of Summer.

He already has a somewhat tenuous link to The Flash, having worked with Grant Gustin on the 2017 film Krystal, directed by William H. Macy.

Due to his familiarity as a young star in films and on television, someone in Robinson’s position would be an ideal choice to take on such as iconic role as The Flash.

What do you think of these choices? Who would you pick to play The Flash?

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