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GONE TV: Off-The-Wall Casting Choice For Sam’s Teacher

by Conor O'Brien

For most of Michael Grant’s GONE series of Young Adult novels, the action takes place in what becomes known as the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) but what is actually a Californian town named Perdido Beach, which is encased by an impenetrable dome.

While a lot of the events in the books involve action, suspense, mutant powers or horror, the very beginning is a lot more relatable to real life.

Sam witnesses his history teacher, Mr. Trentlake and an older classmate become among the first victims of “the poof”. This is when anyone aged 15 or older disappears under mysterious circumstances.

While Mr. Trentlake is a minor character, he is also one of the only adults. Assuming the TV adaptation keeps him in, a good idea would be to cast a well-known person in the role.

Courageous Nerd’s choice? Veteran actor William Daniels, who is known for such roles as KITT on Knight Rider or Dr. Craig on St. Elsewhere

Most importantly in this case, he also played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World for seven seasons and reprised the role for its sequel, Girl Meets World.

Having Daniels play the teacher would not only be a nod to one of the most iconic on-screen teachers of a generation, it would also secure a cameo from an actor of William Daniels’ calibre. He was once President of the Screen Actors Guild.

Although Daniels, in real life, is 93 years of age, it is not a very extensive part. He also showed he has great mobility during his experience on Girl Meets World.

What do you think of this choice? Who would you pick to play the adult characters in GONE?

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