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God Friended Me: Is Corey Smith Behind the God Account?

by Conor O'Brien

Is Corey Smith behind The God Account?

Since God Friended Me began in 2018, the recurring mystery has been the identity of the mysterious God Account, who has been providing the main characters with people in need of help around New York City.

There have been several suspects for the account owner’s true identity including Simon Hayes (Adam Goldberg), Henry Chase (Derek Luke) and Alphonse Jeffries (Carl Lumbly), though all these leads seemed to be incorrect.

More recently, Miles’ (Brandon Micheal Hall) investigation led to Alphonse Jeffries’ biological son, DARPA employee Corey Smith (Cornelius Smith Jr.).

Image: CBS

While Corey later told Miles and Cara (Violett Beane) that he was not the person they were looking for, it was revealed that he had created the account’s code. However, the code had been stolen from him.

In season two, episode 20 (“Collateral”), Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), Corey and Zach (Chosen Jacobs) attempted to break past the God Account’s firewall. This was unsuccessful though the episode’s climax revealed that Corey had sabotaged the God Account.

This could potentially lead to the Account’s destruction, as seen in the promo for next week’s two-part episode.

Now, this behaviour as well as the fact that Corey received a suspiciously private phone call at the end of “Collateral” suggests that he is hiding something major.

Could he have been bluffing the whole time? Was it him behind the God Account all along?

God Friended Me concludes its run with the final two episodes on April 26, airing on CBS.

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