Over the course of The Flash’s five seasons and continuing into the sixth, series regular Tom Cavanagh has played a variety of different characters. This includes overall series villain Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash as well as alternate versions of Harrison Wells from across the multiverse.

However, the impending Crisis on Infinite Earths could also potentially mark the end of Cavanagh’s six-year journey on the show.

Let’s get into it.

Assuming Crisis follows the comics accurately, the multiverse from which Cavanagh has mined his characters over the years will no longer exist, with all the Earths being merged together. Also, take into account that Eobard Thawne finally being defeated, once and for all, is a strong possibility.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen/The Flash, mentioned that he would want ” to see us put a bow on the big bad of the series, which is Reverse Flash.”

If Thawne is out of the picture and the multiverse no longer exists, that would just leave a singular version of Wells for Cavanagh to play.

Recently, Cavanagh himself reflected on his thoughts following the conclusion of the first season, when Thawne was seemingly gone for good. He revealed, “There was some discussion of just playing Harrison Wells and I wasn’t interested. I was there to be Reverse-Flash.”

The introduction of the multiverse kept Cavanagh on the show, as it could keep him interested rather than playing the same scientist character over many seasons.

Should Crisis have the expected fallout that avid comic book fans know, Cavanagh will find himself in the same position he was five years ago – no Thawne and no multiverse, just a version of Wells.

It’s a possibility that Cavanagh could leave the series, for the reasons above. However, the new Wells after Crisis would be something of an amalgamation of all the Wells in the multiverse, which may keep him on board just yet.

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