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‘The Flash’ Theory: Is Season 6 Godspeed from Another Earth?

by Conor O'Brien

Several weeks ago, it was leaked that the supervillain Godspeed would be appearing in The Flash’s season 6 premiere, though he will not be the Big Bad, at least for the first half.

The character has previously appeared in the series as a foe to Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) in episode 518, aptly titled ‘Godspeed’.

We all know that Crisis on Infinite Earths is happening this season and aspects of the spectacle will play out across all 22 episodes, both before and after the actual event takes place.

From TVLine’s fall premiere spoilers, we learned from new showrunner Eric Wallace that there will be “one or two” additional nemeses, including “a guest cameo that will be fun for the fans.”

Ever since the Godspeed news came out, I have seen people theorising just about every angle. After all, last we saw, he was in Nora’s time, years ahead of where we are now. So why come to 2019 and challenge The Flash?

The answer, or at I think, is that he didn’t.

Crisis, as the full title implies, involves Earths from all across the multiverse. We have heard that Crisis will affect the whole season.

What if this Godspeed in the premiere is from another earth? Much like Prometheus in Crisis on Earth X, a different person under the mask.

Put this together with the ‘guest cameo that will be fun for the fans’ and it starts to get exciting.

A common theory that has been around since Season 3 is that Tom Felton could potentially play the character and considering where we are now, with Crisis and there potentially being many returning actors, it’s a possibility.

Felton’s character Julian has only appeared in the third season to date, but his occupation and personality are in line with comic book August Heart/Godspeed.

Additionally, Felton has voiced a desire to return to the show on a number of occasions. If he’s willing, available and the show have a cool way to make it happen, why not?

I am aware that this is a bit of stretch and probably won’t be the case, but seeing Felton on the show again would be interesting, whether he’s playing the same character, or an alternate Earth version.

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