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13 Things You Didn’t Know About 13 Reasons Why

by Conor O'Brien

Polarising Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why released its third season at the end of August and its hard to believe how far the show has come since it debuted in early 2017.

Here are some facts that even the most dedicated followers of Liberty High’s troubled student body may not know.

1 – Dylan Minnette (clay) and Kate Walsh (Mrs. Baker) appeared on the same show before

Dylan appeared in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a long-running ABC medical drama that Kate Walsh once starred in, as Addison Shepherd.

Unfortunately, Dylan missed Kate by about a season, as she was already starring in the Grey’s spin-off Private Practice.

2 – alisha boe (jessica) has a diverse ethnic origin

Alisha was born in Oslo, Norway to a Norwegian mother and Somali father. She moved to the US aged seven, after her mother married an American man.


Ross appeared in 2015’s Teen Beach 2, in which he co-starred opposite Ross Lynch, who plays Harvey in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

4- confusing character – actor names

On the show thus far, there have been three actors named Brandon – Flynn, Larracuente and Butler, who play Justin, Jeff and Scott.

Bryce is played by an actor named Justin, just like a character whom most of his scenes are with.

Season 3 introduced Charlie St. George, played by Tyler Barnhardt, who interacts with Devin Druid’s Tyler Down.

5 – katherine langford (hannah) auditioned for both hannah & jessica

Australian actress Langford auditioned for both Hannah and her best friend turned enemy Jessica Davis, landing the former as we all know by now.

6 – steven weber (principal bolan) may seem familiar to younger audiences

Weber appeared as the villain, Hugh J. Magnate, in the 2011 Nickelodeon film A Fairly Odd Movie – Grow up Timmy Turner! based upon the popular animated series FairlyOdd Parents.

7 – devin druid (tyler) appeared in a movie with daniel radcliffe

Devin (far left) appeared in 2016’s Imperium opposite Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

8 – over a decade between two of the actors

Despite playing High School peers of a similar age, Timothy Granaderos (32) is over a decade older than Devin Druid (21).

9 – mark pellegrino (bill standall) is known for his roles on many other shows

He has appeared on LOST, Dexter, Supernatural, Prison Break, Revolution and Quantico, among others.

10 – brandon larracuente (jeff) auditioned for justin

Brandon played ill-fated Jeff, who was like an older brother to Clay. This makes it crazy that he almost played Justin, who actually became Clay’s brother.

11 – christian navarro (tony) couldn’t drive before 13 reasons why

In an interview with Conan on TBS, Navarro shared that he did not know how to drive when auditioning to play Tony Padilla, whose beloved mustang is a huge part of the character’s life.

12 – derek luke (mr. porter) and parminder nagra (priya singh) play love interests on god friended me

On 13 Reasons Why, Derek Luke plays guidance counsellor Mr. Porter and Parminder Nagra plays his successor at Liberty, Priya Singh.

On another show, CBS’ God Friended Me, Luke and Nagra play long-lost lovers Henry Chase and Pria Amar, whose estrangement plays a role in the first season’s storyline.

13 – hannah and ani have more in common than we think

The late Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and new regular Ani (Grace Saif) have more in common than we realise.

  • Both girls narrate the series during their time on the show.
  • Both show an interest in Clay Jensen
  • Possesses similar vowel sounds in their names – think about it, Hannah and Ani.
  • Have encounters with Bryce Walker, under much different circumstances
  • Outsiders to the events going on around them – Hannah being dead, Ani being new and uninformed on some of the context
  • Their actresses, Langford and Saif, were both raised outside of the United States

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